Solar energy in old buildings: What adaptations are needed?

Installing a solar generator on old properties may seem impossible but it is not. The technology of solar panels is renewing itself every day and adapting to the new demands of the market. This allows solar energy to reach as many places as possible, as is the case with solar panels on American farms. For further info, click here:

But if you live in an older property, don't worry, in this post you will learn more about the adaptations necessary to

install solar panels in older homes.


It is necessary to check if the place where the solar panels will be has trees , buildings and other objects that can cause shadows . It is also important to review the condition of the roof and the electrical installations of the residence. These and other details you check more in the course of the post.


First of all it is important to think about the area available to place the photovoltaic panels. And it is important that this area is as open as possible, without any objects that cause shade as this can impair the efficiency of the solar panel. As has been said before.

It is also important to observe the orientation and inclination of the roof on which the installation will be made. The most suitable orientation for Brazilians is the North , since it is in this direction that the Sun appears to us. West and East are also guidelines to be considered, but in this case the panel will have a lower yield.

With the correct orientation of the modules it is possible to estimate the number of boards that will be necessary to install. If the orientation is to the West or East, a larger number of plates will be necessary for the solar generator to supply the necessary amount of energy.


Usually solar panels are installed on the roofs of houses. In this case, they need greater resistance to support the additional efforts of the system, which is approximately 18 to 20 Kg / m². That is why the roof wood must be in good condition, so that the solar generator stays there for a long time, since this system has a useful life of more than 30 years.

The rains and winds can also influence the weight of the solar modules. Especially if the structure of the panels has an inclination that allows the wind to make an effort under its surface.

If the property is listed, interventions must be minimal. It will be necessary to check with the city government the feasibility of the project. It is also essential to be careful with possible infiltrations that can be caused when the property has a waterproofed slab.


Old buildings have old electrical installations, which can cause an obstacle in the installation of a photovoltaic system that needs a particular electrical circuit.

Therefore, it is necessary to review the electrical installations before installing the system. This way, it will be possible to check if the circuits, feeders and other elements are following the current standards.

In addition to solar panels, it is necessary to install solar inverters.

They will be responsible for converting the direct current generated by the panels into alternating current, which will be used in electrical equipment. The inverter must be placed in an airy, dust-free place that does not run the risk of sun or rain.

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